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The new wave
within payments

The new wave within payments

Offer flexible payment solutions and increase your sales.

The new wave
within payments

The new wave
within payments

Join the revolution and challenge legacy solutions.

Smarter. Faster. More flexible.

Completely digital

Works online & in-store. Get rid of clumsy card readers.

Boost your sales

By allowing your customers to pay on their own terms.

Increase your liquidity

Get paid instantly. Don’t pay extra for liquidity, it’s included.

The world is changing, and we must adapt thereafter

An illustration of rocket launching.An illustration of rocket launching.

It’s time to say goodbye to how we have “always” done things …

... and say hello to the next generation of payment solutions.

... skapar vi värde så att ni kan öka intäkterna, spara tid och ägna er åt det ni gör bäst

... skapar vi värde så att ni kan öka intäkterna, spara tid och ägna er åt det ni gör bäst

Frequently asked questions

Does the service need to be integrated into my POS or cash register system?

No, many companies use our web-based "Plug & Play" solution without any integration. However, the possibility of integration is always available with our modern and intuitive REST APIs.

When do I receive my payments?

We make daily payments, which means that you will usually have the money in the account on the same day, in some cases within a few minutes. Our ambition, however, is that it will never take more than one banking day, regardless of the chosen payment method.

How many users can you have?

Unlimited number! In our interface, you can also manage permissions, company information, etc.

Which banks do you accept with the payment method "Bank transfer"?

At the moment, you can choose to pay from the largest consumer banks in the country. If your customer uses a bank that we do not support, the payment method "Invoice / Pay later" can be used to complete the payment immediately. And it's always free!

How much does it cost to use Zaver?

Getting started with Zaver is very easy; get in touch with us, and we will help you with information and pricing based on your needs.

Does the customer have to download the app?

The customer receives a payment link via SMS and does not need any other app than mobile BankID.

Are you interested in using Zaver in-store, on your e-commerce or other kind of integrations?

With our modern and intuitive REST APIs, you get started quickly. Get in touch, and we will tell you more!

Are you interested in using Zaver on your e-commerce or integrating us into your business system?

What others say about us

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Zaver makes it faster and easier to run the business through its smart payment platform, where we also can settle the transaction immediately. This means that we can focus on what we are best at, i.e. selling cars!
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Zaver is flexible and super easy. I simply send the customer a paylink via SMS and they choose their preferred payment method. Working offline like I do, it is super effective.
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Had not heard of Zaver before, an eye-opener of how easy and flexible it is for both customers and us. The fact that it is entirely digital makes it easy to make payments, and the various options simplify our work and are very favorable for our patients.
Leyla McHaiter
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Zaver is easy to use and modernizes the way I get paid from my customers. A customer-oriented company, with an easy-going customer service.

Questions about a payment?

Download the Zaver app and chat with us in order to receive the best support experience. You can also call, email or chat with us on our site. Our ambition is to respond as quickly as possible when you need us the most.

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